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Friday Fandango

Friday Fandango: " Scenario: You're in New York for a business meeting and on the last night there, you manage to sneak off to do a little shopping. Maybe it's your oversized sunglasses? or your habit of speaking in hushed tones to the sales people, but you seem to be mistaken for a celebrity. Not only are the sales people practically bending over backward to help you, but they are also discouraging the other customers, who have been using their cell phones to snap your picture, from approaching you for autographs. You naturally feel bad for rusing them but you must admit that you do love the attention. What do you do?? A. Spill the beans. You can't live with the guilt. B. Leave before they figure it out. C. Call your mom and pretend that you're talking to Brad Pitt, just to stir up the rumor mills. D. Have the store send the bill to 'your agent'. C, definitely. I love Brad Pitt! But, I'd never be in New York. Ever. I hate cities.

Finished 2006

Night Mare 9/06
For Love of Evil 9/06
Castle Roogna 9/06
The Source of Magic 9/06
With a Tangled Skein (audio) 9/06
Living Dead in Dallas - Charline Harris 8/06
Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris
Yarn Harlot 8/06
Knitting Rules 8/06
Dead to the World 8/06
Visions in Death 8/06
Divided in Death 8/06
Undead & Unwed 8/06
Undead & Unemployed 8/06
Dead after Dark 8/06
Dead and loving it / MaryJanice Davidson 8/06
Origin in death / J.D. Robb 7/06
Mason-Dixon Knitting 7/06
Northern Lights by Nora Roberts 7/19/06
White Indian #1 7/06
Texas! by DFR 7/06
Survivor in death / J.D. Robb 06/06
A breath of snow and ashes / Diana Gabaldon 06/06
Nebraska! by DFR 06/06
Wyoming! by DFR 06/05/06
Oregon! by DFR 06/27/06
Micah / Laurell K. Hamilton 06/06
Independence / [sound recording] / by Dana Fuller Ross 06/06
Harry Potter and the half-blood prince [sound recording] / by J.K. Rowling 05/06
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [sound recording] / J.K. Rowling (05/06)
Flyte / Angie Sage ; illustrated by Mark Zug 05/06)
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire [sound recording] / J.K. Rowling 04/06)
The crystal singer trilogy : Crystal singer, Killashandra, Crystal line / Anne McCaffrey)
String theory. Book 2, Fusion / Kristen Beyer 02/06)
Violations / Susan Wright 02/06)
Dead as a doornail [sound recording], Charlaine Harris 02/06)
Wizard's first rule / Terry Goodkind (reread) 02/06)
A spell for chameleon [sound recording] / by Piers Anthony 02/06 (reread)
Wielding a red sword [sound recording] / by Piers Anthony 02/06 (reread)
Magic kingdom for sale--sold! / Terry Brooks)
Pathways [sound recording] / Jeri Taylor (01/06)
Moon shadows / Nora Roberts ... [et al.])
Heidi [sound recording] / by Johanna Spyri 01/06)
Harry Potter #2 01/06 (reread))
Bone to Pick by Charlaine Harris (01/06))
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone [sound recording] / J.K. Rowling (01/06) (reread))
Grave Sight, Charlaine Harris 1/06
Harry Potter #1(audio) 1/06
Clan of the Cave Bears (audio)1/06