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Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain

Friday's Feast - a buffet for your brain: Appetizer About how many times per day do you check your email? lately, a dozen. usually, once. Soup If you had the money to collect something really valuable, what would it be? vintage sock knitting machines. They go for around $2 grand & sometimes more,depending on the machine. I'd love to collect spindles & spinning wheels, too, but I'd need more room for it. Salad Write a sentence using the letters of your favorite beverage. (Example: The egret admires.) Oh, I stink at things like this! Cats Only Fly Frantatically Every Evening Main Course If you could be on a game show, which one would you want it to be? I always wanted to be on Name That Tune. or the History IQ show! Dessert Name 3 computer programs or web sites you would hate to be without. Umm. Hmm. 3 programs: antivirus, any word processing program, and any database program. 3 websites? blogger, crochetpatternsonline.com, and google.

Finished 2006

Night Mare 9/06
For Love of Evil 9/06
Castle Roogna 9/06
The Source of Magic 9/06
With a Tangled Skein (audio) 9/06
Living Dead in Dallas - Charline Harris 8/06
Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris
Yarn Harlot 8/06
Knitting Rules 8/06
Dead to the World 8/06
Visions in Death 8/06
Divided in Death 8/06
Undead & Unwed 8/06
Undead & Unemployed 8/06
Dead after Dark 8/06
Dead and loving it / MaryJanice Davidson 8/06
Origin in death / J.D. Robb 7/06
Mason-Dixon Knitting 7/06
Northern Lights by Nora Roberts 7/19/06
White Indian #1 7/06
Texas! by DFR 7/06
Survivor in death / J.D. Robb 06/06
A breath of snow and ashes / Diana Gabaldon 06/06
Nebraska! by DFR 06/06
Wyoming! by DFR 06/05/06
Oregon! by DFR 06/27/06
Micah / Laurell K. Hamilton 06/06
Independence / [sound recording] / by Dana Fuller Ross 06/06
Harry Potter and the half-blood prince [sound recording] / by J.K. Rowling 05/06
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [sound recording] / J.K. Rowling (05/06)
Flyte / Angie Sage ; illustrated by Mark Zug 05/06)
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire [sound recording] / J.K. Rowling 04/06)
The crystal singer trilogy : Crystal singer, Killashandra, Crystal line / Anne McCaffrey)
String theory. Book 2, Fusion / Kristen Beyer 02/06)
Violations / Susan Wright 02/06)
Dead as a doornail [sound recording], Charlaine Harris 02/06)
Wizard's first rule / Terry Goodkind (reread) 02/06)
A spell for chameleon [sound recording] / by Piers Anthony 02/06 (reread)
Wielding a red sword [sound recording] / by Piers Anthony 02/06 (reread)
Magic kingdom for sale--sold! / Terry Brooks)
Pathways [sound recording] / Jeri Taylor (01/06)
Moon shadows / Nora Roberts ... [et al.])
Heidi [sound recording] / by Johanna Spyri 01/06)
Harry Potter #2 01/06 (reread))
Bone to Pick by Charlaine Harris (01/06))
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone [sound recording] / J.K. Rowling (01/06) (reread))
Grave Sight, Charlaine Harris 1/06
Harry Potter #1(audio) 1/06
Clan of the Cave Bears (audio)1/06